a five-eight discography

The following is a fairly complete listing of everything my favorite band has put out in various forms. I babble a bit on each one so the aspiring five-eight collector can make a reasonably informed choice on a next purchase. Also included are, where possible, distribution addresses and catalog numbers if you're really determined and can't find it at your local SuperUltraMusicWarehouseMart.

This page is now linked to the band's official web site, so has the stamp of approval I suppose, but I still take full responsibility for it.

When I started being more serious about my five-eight fandom, I reasoned that it would be a lot easier to get the complete set of recordings and facts together about this "small regional band" than for some other, "larger", artist. Not so. Tracking down copies of some of the more obscure recordings has been a real challenge, and there are just tons of five-eight goodies to collect and enjoy. My t-shirt collection numbers well over a dozen different designs; I have all sorts of great posters, press releases, and stickers, and the facts and rumors keep on rolling in.

So I found that just maintaining the discography was quite a challenge, and not really possible by myself. Email keeps rolling in with corrections, additions, and comments. Keep it rolling. Be sure to check out the discography credits for a list of those who have contributed directly. Thanks aplenty to all of them.

Oh yeah - this hyar discography is maintained by my good self, PaulReavis.

It finally got far too big for a single page, so it's now split up into albums, singles, and compilations. Have fun, be safe.

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