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DIY. There are some tasty morsels on this one that only show up in shows once in a blue moon. This album and inflatable sense do a lot to capture raw, primal five-eight at its best. Alas, out of production. If you can find it, buy it. My wonderful friend Traci (yet another angriest fan) gave me her copy, which still makes me all teary-eyed. Her favorite song is she was in this city, which is fine fine fine.

My sources tell me that this and inflatable sense of self may make it back out as a CD; I will certainly keep looking into this and keep y'all posted.

  • you never look in my eyes
  • the ape
  • she was in this city
  • she's dropping the bomb
  • ghost in this town
  • ralph newman
  • lemon love drops
  • lifer
  • looking up
all songs copyright mike mantione and five-eight
recorded live at wrek 91.1FM atlanta ga august 22, 1989

inflatable sense of self

Another DIY; a truly fine album. My first one; I bought it at a lovely show at the downstairs (sigh) after prying my head out of the speaker.
  • missing link
  • my sister is so strange
  • the ape
  • she's dropping the bomb
  • suit of sin
  • nowhere in a circle
  • ralph newman
  • shaking through the night
  • the only one
  • looking up
all songs copyright mike mantione and five-eight 1991
recorded at sound gallery

i learned shut up


Their first CD, it presents five-eight well in a studio atmosphere. Particular faves of mine are the new version of suit of sin, which was originally a pretty hard rocker, and now has a slick, rain-patter beat and a more acoustic feel; desperate tonight, which would make any cowboy cry in his beer, and lemon love drops, which is just transcendental. Actually, I love them all.
  • looking up
  • god damn it paul
  • missing link
  • i can't stand it
  • she's dropping the bomb
  • desperate tonight
  • lemon love drops
  • suit of sin
  • the ape
  • dawn of son melody
  • destroy this world
(C) copyright 1992 two minutes to rock music, BMI.
(P) copyright 1992 sky records, inc.

the angriest man


This is kind of an interim release; it could be classified as an EP. It contains five golden oldies (sister, ralph, lifer, depressed, pent up), a new track (not zeppelin) and a neil young cover (needle).

It isn't as much of a big production as the other CDs, but there are some great moments. Also included are a couple of amusing concert outtakes. My buddy Sam's first five-eight show experience, in fact, was standing directly beneath mike as he went off on that woman in the one at the end. Sam was terrified, and became a devoted fan soon afterward.

  • my syster
  • not zeppelin
  • ralph newman
  • lifer
  • depressed
  • needle
  • pent up
(C) copyright 1993 two minutes to rock music, BMI.
(P) copyright 1993 sky records, inc.
distributed by Ichiban records, inc. P.O. box 724677, atlanta, ga 31139-1677 (404) 419-1414, fax (404) 419-1230



A very fine studio album. Our first real taste of what Sean adds to the band, the tracks on this one are filled with great guitar sound, tasty effects and pounding drums. The kind of album you can put on, hit play and mosh around the living room to. Not that there aren't some gorgeous power ballads mixed in, but everyone moshes to those at the concerts anyway.
  • mystery james
  • karaoke
  • behead myself
  • fall asleep
  • what they did
  • you never look in my eyes
  • stars
  • tense it up
  • hurt you
  • weirdo
  • shouldn't be here
(C) copyright 1994 two minutes to rock music, BMI.
(P) copyright 1994 sky records, inc.
distributed by Ichiban records, inc. P.O. box 724677, atlanta, ga 31139-1677 (404) 419-1414, fax (404) 419-1230



The last album before five-eight reorganized as a threesome. Contains a pile of wonderful songs, including the fantastic stanley and the beautiful comet. Slick; powerful. Own it.
  • stanley
  • engine
  • comet
  • shaken
  • shut me off
  • connect the dots
  • doubter
  • hold me up
  • right to drive
  • summer vacation
  • dumb ass
  • take aim
(C) copyright 1997 velvel records, LLC
(P) copyright 1997 velvel records, LLC
Manufactured in US by velvel records, LLC 740 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
Distributed by Nvarre Corporation 1-400-728-4000

the good nurse


Five-eight returns as a threesome, with fellow Yankee Mike Rizzi on drums, and Dan and Mike Mantione in their usual roles. This is a powerful album, with the (very rare) ability to reduce me to tears. The angst of early five-eight is back with a vengeance, and they tackle the most gut-wrenching of subjects with a passion and insight that makes their live shows most transcendental. The songs tend to be a bit longer and less straightforward than previous; some have movements akin to classical works.
  • she's sleeping
  • rose's dream
  • off season
  • the one who does better
  • terminals
  • requiem
  • take what you want
  • alexander graham bell
  • oh surgery
  • all my patients
  • orlando
  • a close approximation
  • florence


Released April 25, 2000 on Deep Elm Records. Deep Elm can be contacted at PO Box 36939, Charlotte, NC 28236, (704) DE-DIRECT, info@deepelm.com, and http://www.deepelm.com, so if you can't get aholt of them that's your problem. The album even has its own web page, where you can order it online.

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