Fabulous Debut Demo Release

Guiltshake, the debut release by the resentments, is now available by direct order only from Slack Trax of World of Beverage.

Recorded in about 8 hours at World of Beverage's Bogodynamic Studio, the cassette features five original songs of shame and depression to memorize and sing on those long road trips. The songs are as follows:

  1. asshole
  2. sayonaras
  3. snooze button
  4. jack o' lantern
  5. chickenhawk
  6. mahogany

Tracks 1-2 and 4-6 were recorded in lovely Snarflosond (TM) four-track lo-fi; track 3 was recorded in even better Stiflomax (TM) one-track no-fi.

The Resentments recommend that no one use their brands of equipment.

Now available!

Order now and get two bonus tracks:

  1. delivery boy
  2. pinhole

Recorded in a real studio (now defunct) these tracks add an even greater weight of contemplative desperation to the mix.

Act before it's too late…

For orders or more information, e-mail slacktrax@worldofbeverage.net. Handcrafted CD's are available for a mere $10 US, including shipping.

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